Shofar Mountain Tractor Fund

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Help us get a tractor

Carving a community out of the side of a mountain is hard work. We have to knock down trees and move gravel for roads, dig ditches so the roads don’t get washed away, dig holes for foundations and so much more.
More details are in the video.
Thank You and Bless You!

$10,000 Gets us

A Tractor

A Bucket

A Box Blade

Ground Breaking Work

We literally have to break rocks in the ground in order to dig a hole or ditch anywhere on Shofar Mountain. It can take 2 men all day to dig a small trench just big enough to put a drainage pipe across the road using shovels and picks. With a tractor, 1 man can do that work in 5 minutes! Think of how much more time we’ll be able to spend building the community instead of digging ditches!

In four hours he did the work of 100 men with that tractor.

Pastor Joe Fox

Reasons to buy this product:

  • Trees are heavy
  • You want to bless us
  • We would really appreciate it
  • You can ride it whenyou come visit
  • Rocks are hard to break with picks and shovels
  • Gravel is heavy
  • Donations of $100+ get your name on the tractor
  • Donations of $1k_ will receive a peice of Shofar Mountain
  • The largest donation will get to name the tractor
  • Did we say we could really appreciate it?

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