Community Apprenticeship Program

Shofar Mountain is now offering a Community Apprenticeship Program for those who may be interested in joining or starting an intentional community.

Apprentices (hopefully YOU) will have the opportunity to live on Shofar Mountain for an initial visit of up to two weeks during which time they will be fully immersed in life on the Mountain. You will live like we live, eat with us, work with us, attend our meetings, play with us and be fully integrated into our community during your stay.

There are several things you must know before you apply:

  • We are in the process of carving a community out of the wilderness – this is not a “spa vacation” – it is much more akin to camping. We have two vacant campers available for apprentices to stay in and you are welcome to bring your own or a tent. You will use an outhouse and/or composting toilets (your choice) and bathe as you wish in either our shower house that makes use of solar shower bags or by heating water on a propane stove or fire.
  • We are off-grid (no electric or water lines enter the property) and we are trying to live gently on the earth – we say “we are Green without the politics”. We like the peace and quiet and do not allow radios, electronic games and similar things. We do get decent cell phone reception and have been known to surf the net, check email and whatnot a couple times a day.
  • Come prepared to WORK. You will work alongside the Saints at Shofar Mountain and we typically put in about six hours of fairly strenuous, mostly manual labor a day. We: pump water, tend livestock, tend gardens and orchards, build roads and trails, construct buildings, wash clothes by hand, cook over fire and propane, wash dishes by hand, chop wood, move rocks, mulch, trees and whatever else we need to, and work on vehicles and other tasks associated with literally building community.
  • We spend a lot of time together working, eating, and having conversations that invariably turn into impromptu Bible studies or discussions.
  • We generally eat three meals a day – you will be eating when we do, what we do, and with us. We eat well, which is to say we eat tasty, healthy food of great variety. We are not yet self-sufficient and we do buy almost all of our food but we try to eat fresh, non-GMO, and organic. We do not snack. We drink awesome, non-fluoridated well water and we make coffee, tea and brew our own kambuchka. We do not drink soda on the land but some do when we go into town. We do drink alcohol in moderation – you don’t have to but we likely will – beer and wine mostly.
  • We are Israelites which is to say we believe that Yahshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and we do our best to keep Yah’s (God’s ) laws – Torah. All who are on the land to include apprentices will keep Torah. If you are not familiar with it basically the major differences you may note are that we do no work on Shabbat – Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, we do not eat pork or shellfish, and we worship and study the Bible on Shabbat. We try to live a set apart life. We dress modestly – everyone wears shirts, no tank tops, halters, etc; no short shorts – nothing “sexy”. We do not curse, yell, scream, have temper tantrums, etc – “no drama”. If you come, you will live this way also.
  • We are “firearms-friendly” but not obsessed with them. If you wish to bring a firearm we will provide additional guidance.
  • If you choose to bring children they will be your responsibility and we expect them to be extremely well behaved. If they are not – leave them with Grandma. You will have to make other arrangements for your pets – we do not allow them for this program.
  • You will have to sign a liability waiver and we reserve the right to conduct a background check on you – for which you will give us permission.
  • We ask for an offering of at least $100 per person per week to cover food, lodging, materials, supplies, etc. You only need to provide personal items. You may wish to bring some extra cash for our occasional trips into town.
  • The closest airport to Shofar Mountain is North West Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA).

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, go ahead and contact me, Pastor Joe Fox, and let me know when you want to come.

I hope I see you out here! PJF