Why do most of your men have beards? Is that a commandment?

It is not a commandment for men to wear beards. Most men at Shofar Mountain DO have beards though because beards are manly and Shofar Mountain men are manly men.

Where is Shofar Mountain?

Shofar Mountain is located in the Ozarks Mountains. We do not get more specific than that for a variety of security reasons.

How can I visit Shofar Mountain?

Contact Pastor Joe Fox at vikingservices@Hotmail.com

Why do you live as an intentional community on Shofar Mountain?

Not all “Shofarians” actually live on Shofar Mountain but many do. We choose to live like this because we feel led by the Most High to enter into such an arrangement; we feel drawn to each other through Yeshua much as did the Saints of which we read in Acts.. We strongly desire to live our daily lives amongst other Saints, sharing all things, helping each other and all contributing to the community. Even those who do not live on the land still contribute a great deal to Shofar Mountain. We all desire to live lives focused primarily on YHWH and living in community – away from the “noise” of Babylon, is one way to facilitate this.

Are you “Survivalists? Why is preparedness so important to you?

Labels many times get in the way of clear communication. We do think preparedness is important – primarily Spiritual preparedness but also physical preparedness. This is a biblical concept. Consider the ant in Proverbs 6; Paul’s advice to Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:8. Consider that Joseph stored wheat in times of plenty so that it was available in times of shortage. Noah built an ark. Consider the five wise and the five foolish virgins.

Why is Shofar Mountain “off grid”?

We began simply because of the costs associated with bringing “city” water and power to the land – we could not afford it. As time progressed, we realized we could live comfortably without city-supplied utilities, we appreciate that we are making a smaller impact on this earth, and we like the freedom we enjoy by being less tied to “the system”. When the utilities do fail for one of several possible reasons, Shofar Mountain will be in a much better position having learned never to depend on those utilities.

How many people live on Shofar Mountain?

More every couple months. We do not discuss specific numbers for security reasons.

I think I want to live at Shofar Mountain, what must I do to make that happen?

Moving to Shofar Mountain is a process that takes time. The process is started by contacting Pastor Joe Fox at vikingservices@Hotmail.com to arrange a visit.

Why is Shofar Mountain so “security conscious”? Are you paranoid?

We live on the cusp of very interesting and troubled times and we have a responsibility to exercise due care with regards to community security. We allow and in fact, encourage visitors – we host several each month. But we do not feel the need to satisfy the mere curiosity of the public at large.

What is a typical day like at Shofar Mountain?

We generally rise around dawn. Families have private time to pray, study the Word and prepare for the day. Individuals and families then take care of chores – feeding critters, fetching water, preparing breakfast, building fires and so on. We gather as a community for breakfast about two hours after dawn and there we pray as a community and while eating, discuss the day’s activities. We typically read from the Bible and discuss points that come up. Then we all go to work as individuals and groups on things that need to be done – gardens, building houses, caring for animals, chopping wood, working on vehicles and so on. We meet again for lunch and then work for a couple hours after that at which time we take care of personal/family chores until supper. All meals typically include prayer and bible study/discussion – we live a YHWH-centered life. After supper we socialize, discuss whatever, play board games and just generally enjoy each others’ company. We all go to bed early and most families include evening prayers and bible study.

Why do Shofar mountain women wear head coverings? Is it a commandment?

We wear head coverings based on scripture. 1 Corinthians 11:5-11:15 says that a woman should not pray with her head uncovered. And verse 15 seems to suggest that her long hair is her covering. But we cannot rest there. We also look at the bitter water test in Numbers 5:18, wherein the priest uncovers the woman’s head. The sense of the word of uncover is to expose or uncover. If her cover was hair, the verse would say the priest shaved her head, as David’s servants are shaved in 2 Samuel 10:4. And when Rebekah sees Isaac, she puts on her veil, Gen. 24:65. Covering our hair, our glory, is a sign of respect for our husbands and for our Elohim. It is not a commandment. It is a conviction, and is individual to each woman.